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Beijing Azure Hydrogen Energy Science & Tech. Corp was established in April, 2011 in the Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone. During last two years, Azure has been highly respected and recognized by its achievement and growth rate.


Beijing Azure Hydrogen Energy Science & Tech. Corp is a China-based strategic partner of Ballard Power Systems Inc., a global leader in fuel cell technology company. Azure Hydrogen holds 10% shares of Dantherm Power A/S, a subsidiary of Ballard Power Systems Inc. Azure is therefore a shareholder of Ballard Power Systems Inc, and is an exclusive agent of Danish Dantherm Power A/S in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.


Azure Hydrogen actively makes efforts to develop and promote hydrogen energy technology, adopts its outlook on the broad market and potential future of clean energy technology, and commits itself to various applications and industrial development of hydrogen fuel cell. We also provide customers with application solution designs for various use of hydrogen fuel power and also provide the market with reasonable priced fuel cell products of high quality.


Azure is engaged in all aspects of hydrogen energy products. So far, Azure’s available systems on the market include hydrogen fuel backup power system, hydrogen fuel supply controller, diverse car hydrogen fuel power system, intelligent microgrid distributed hydrogen fuel power station and a variety of emergency power generation systems.


Meanwhile, Azure has integrated fuel cell Membrane Electrode Assembly, designed equipment for the development of stack from single cells, and devised tool kits and test equipment. According to requirements of the production line, Azure predicts the potential orders of professional manufacturer's test platforms and test equipment. We aims to master all the existing international and domestic standards and hydrogen fuel supply testing methods.


Beijing Azure Hydrogen Energy Science & Tech. Corp is willing to make contributions in manufacturing hydrogen energy technology products, expanding China’s markets, and cooperating with companies, units and professionals across the nation and the world for hydrogen energy technology development and application.

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