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Beijing Azure Hydrogen Energy Science & Tech. Corp is an exclusive agent of Danish Dantherm Power A/S in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.



European and North American Electrical Appliances and Environmental Safety Standards Certifications


Published Patents

(1)          Synthetic methods of Graphite bipolar plate electrode for the fuel cells

(2)          Ventilation methods of membrane electrode assembly for fuel cells

Shared know-how with Ballard

(1)          Applications and Methods of grid-connected inverter for Heavy duty fuel cell power plant

(2)          Technology and methods of grid-connected electricity consumption for the fuel cell power plant

(3)          Systems designed for generating electricity once breaking away from the power grid

(4)          Design and various methods for cooling fuel cells

(5)          Implementation and precaution design for " solitary island effect” of distributed fuel cell power plant

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